Adblocking through private DNS on Android

Adblocking on Androids requires either a rooted phone or going through VPNs, which kills your battery. Configuring a Private DNS through adguard enables a somewhat acceptable adblocking system wide. This information is taken from Androidsage Configuring Private DNS On your Android 9+, go to Settings -> Wi-Fi & Internet Go to Private DNS Select Private […]

Open Jupyter notebooks with double click in standalone window

Quick procedure to get Python and Jupyter set up and running in your system.

Rescisão de contrato operadoras sem custos de penalização

Template para reclamação escrita para pedir a resolução de contrato de operadoras, ou outros, sem custos de penalização para o cliente.

Consistently writing your PhD dissertation

You were advised since the beginning of your PhD to write your dissertation alongside your research. But you hit snooze and now it’s six months till due date and your draft barely has the tentative content list. When you embark on a long-term project such as writing your dissertation, it’s easy to get distracted. You […]

Going DIY with PCB fabrication

How we fabricated prototype PCBs back in college

Using jupyter notebooks for reproducible publication figures

I usually keep a single python script for each publication figure. The source data is loaded, processed and finally plotted. This allows me to quickly change xy limits or tweak the font size of the third subplot legend. I just have to make the necessary changes and execute the script. The new figure is automatically […]

Quadrature signal sampling example codes

Why should we care about quadrature signals?

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